Welcome To FiveStarCoin.org

Five Star Coin is a digital currency which is somewhat different from the currency we use in our regular transactions. Using the digital currency like FiveStarCoin, its easy for you to pay or send money to anyone, anywhere in the world in the form of digital currency and that too in almost zero cost. It’s the future of all the monetary transaction which happens in today’s time. And the great thing about the FiveStarCoin is that the transaction occurs in friction of a second that too on your handheld devices.

FiveStarCoin is a Peer-to-Peer digital money, fragmented and assigned as common register for people worldwide. Its Going To Be listed on crypto exchanges where you can trade the FiveStarCoin in real time. Great thing is that the value of a digital coin is not with similar value with the value of the currencies you opted in. It go high low and gives remarkable returns in long term.







How To Use FiveStarCoin - CryptoCurrency

Your Digital Currency In Your Digital Wallets

Choose Your Wallet

Choosing from number of options from Web Wallet to mobile wallets, where you can store your FiveStarCoins safely.

Trade Some FiveStarCoins

Trading FiveStarCoin is like trading any other currency. You can convert from any currency to FiveStarCoin.

Spend FiveStarCoin Like Cash

You can use FiveStarCoin like any other currency. You can shop online, buy from local shops or even withdraw FiveStarCoin to your bank accounts

Earn Block Rewards

When you hold FiveStarCoins in your wallets, you earn block rewards for storing your FiveStarCoins in your wallet.


Coming Soon

Android Wallet

Our Exchange Coming Soon

We will be listed on the exchange soon. Look out for this space for more information. Once we’re listed on exchange, you can start the transactions and promote our coin.

Five Star Coin Specifications


Minimum Inflation


Staking Rewards


60 Sec Block Time


POS - No Power Wastage


Lightning Fast Confirmations


Min Fee : 0.00001 Units


Download Full Source Code From Github